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How much is an irrigation system?
Irrigation systems are tailored like each garden. But there are type plans for houses the gardens belong to them show similarity. We don't want suggest...
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How to program traditional irrigation controllers?
It happens if we are scared to open a box. Such the same with the enclosure of our irrigation controller. If I am having a...
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What you must now about smart controllers
Sprinkler timer (or irrigation controller) the brain of irrigation system. It manages the start and duration of watering on each zones based on pre-programmed schedule....
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Do I need irrigation system?
Before we answer on the question whether you need irrigation system in your garden or not we have to clear another thing. First question used...
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What is irrigation system at all?
What is irrigation system? A very comfortable and water-saving way of watering in the garden. Get started all the things you need to do at...
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We work with the market leader products only to provide the most reliable, durable and flexible irrigation system to our clients. Our system can be...

What we do

Smart irrigation systems installation and maintenance are carried out by our small family-run business. Complete implementation from design to the last lawn sprinkler.

What our automatic irrigation systems know

Our irrigation systems are always tailored to your garden. Hence they are suitable for grass, annual and perennial flower beds, shrubs, hedges and trees. And also perfect for hanging baskets, potted plants, spice beds and vegetable plots. Therefore they provide optimum water amount for plants thanks to their sophisticated control systems and precisely designed emitters. These controllers are able to take into account the past and upcoming weather via internet. What’s more they can be joined popular home management systems easily, like Amazon Alexa or Nest.

Rain, wind, frost, evaporation or moisture sensors as part of smart or traditional irrigation systems can assist providing the ideal water amount for your beloved plants.

What and where we install

We use the products of leading manufacturers to build reliable systems. Therefore we can provide corresponding product guarantee. Our smart controllers come from brilliant US-based startup companies. They use the latest innovative technologies for achieving the best water covering as a result together with water efficiency.

Most durable pumps are always used in our systems originated from market-leader manufacturers. Keeping the pressure and also the water-flow problem-free for long years in accordance with the reliability of our irrigation systems. We rely on our pump as much as we give two year guarantee on each installed one.

In addition to these: our installation estimate always includes our Optimum Maintenance Service for one-year as a free maintenance for your system.

Our service area is mainly Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire but maintain systems in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London and Northamptonshire as well.

We hope that you will be welcomed among our customers soon.

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