Just recommend us and we share our profit with you

Let’s see how it works in nutshell


Join our Partner Program

We are looking for partners now to give a push to our company. They can be gardeners, landscapers, builders, or other professionals in their expertise areas.

Join before 31th March 2018 and you can get the most achievable reward after your recommendation.


Recommend us via our site

When you are getting to know your client needs our service, step into your account on our site and recommend us. Even in front of your client as it is only few minutes.

Your client will get an introducing email about our service straight away and you get a confirmation letter about your successful recommendation.


Grab your money as soon as possible

You can follow destiny of your recommendation via your personal account.

You can see when and approximately how much money is waiting for you.

After settling of our invoice we will call you to arrange your payment.

It's simple.

And you still don't know what is the best!

We found out something what significantly increases your chance for the reward.
Turn this flip over!

Share your reward with your client

When you recommend us you can decide to give your client any discount from our future quote.


Opinions of our partners

I gave a chance for this stuff three years ago because it didn’t cost any money…

Now I can’t say other: this scheme works.

Mark H.
artificial lawn contractor, Small Garden 2001 LTD
These guys are honest as they promise and work in good quality as I got feedbacks.

It’s a good feeling if I give my name with a recommendation it will not make me shame.

Greg O.
Executive manager, FFM PLC
Our unique reward-scharing scheme
Nobody can know better your client than you. We respect your decision how is the best to convince her/him.
Just choose the perfect discount and we will provide that in the very first contract to the client.

Step-by-step guide

When you are in contact with the client…

At that time when you are in contact with the client who needs our service just step into our site and fill up the Referral Form.

You have to provide a name and a contact to the client.

In the recommendation process…

During this process you can decide sharing your 10% reward with the client

You can decide to give all your reward to your client as a discount if he/she is really important for you.

Or you have a chance to share your reward in smaller or bigger scale with your client based on your business interest.

And finally you can even keep all of your reward but don't forget your client might mandate another irrigation company to do the job at this case.

Submit data

When you click on the “Submit” button at the end of the form an email will be sent the client directly about the discount percentage rewarded, and you about the remained reward you count on.

About your reward

When the client has accepted our quote we send you the second feedback about your expected reward. Your reward may change slightly during the job but as a contractor you have to know it's normal.


When our job has done and our invoice is fully paid by the client we will call you and arrange an appointment to pay your reward out. (Please take into consider your very first payment will be performed after your second recommendation but the later ones occur in order. Learn more in the T&Cs.)

Fancy to join?

We are looking for partners now so don’t skip this opportunity. Join until 31th March and you can bank on the maximum available reward.



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