Become to our Affiliate Partner 1

We are looking for partners now to give a push to our company. They can be gardeners, landscapers, builders, or other professionals in their expertise areas.

Join before 30th April 2020 and you can get the most achievable 10% reward after your any recommendation.

Later joiners will be getting less reward.

When you are getting to know your client needs irrigation service, recommend us.

Prior to this recommendation or right after it but definitely before your client is getting in touch with us, let us know you recommended us.

For noticing us use the form on your account page on our site.

You can follow destiny of your recommendation via your personal account.

You can see when and approximately how much money is waiting for you.

After settling of our invoice we will call you to arrange your payment.

It’s simple.

Don’t forget to let us know your recommendation before your client getting in touch with us. After that unfortunately we cannot provide you the reward even if the client states you recommended us to her/him.

You can use the form in your account with us or send an email to us with the client’s details, like name, address, mobile phone number. In lack of all these you are not eligible for the reward.

In the Referral process you can decide sharing your 10% reward with the client. (Don’t forget to mark in the email if you chose email to notice us.)

You can decide to give all your reward to your client as a discount if she/he is really important for you.

Or you have a chance to share your reward in smaller or bigger scale with your client based on your business interest.

And finally you can even keep all of your reward. But don’t forget your client might mandate another irrigation company to do the job at this case.

When you click on the “Submit” button at the end of the form an email will be sent to you with these details.

When the client has accepted our quote we send you the second feedback about your expected reward. Your reward may change slightly during the job but as a contractor you have to know it’s normal.

When our job has done and our invoice is fully paid by the client we will call you and arrange an appointment to pay your reward out. (Please take into consider your very first payment may be performed after your second recommendation but the later ones occur in order. Learn more in the T&Cs.)