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Why do you need irrigation system installation? Watering system is not just a cost effective way for watering gardens but the most convenient one too. An underground irrigation system save you time, provides optimal water supply and creates great microclimate to your beloved plants. Just enjoy your miniature nature without effort.

According to some people an irrigation system is just a newer posh rage in Great Britain and absolutely unnecessary. It is simply not true.

Reliable irrigation system installation

irrigation system installation
Underground pipe laying

Continuous water supplement is important especially for flowering annuals, perennials, short ornamental shrubs. Especially if they are planted in weak or shallow soil. Likewise indispensable for smaller and bigger flower pots and hanging baskets which can be drought easily in hot weather. Mainly if they stand on paved or pebbled surfaces.

We can’t forget to mention the popular vegetable plots. For growing healthy harvests regular watering is essential.

And -of course- if you expect uninterrupted evergreen lawn. Obviously the nice turf is the most important ornament of a traditional English garden. Irrigation system installation provides the best water coverage for your lawn. Trust our gardener designers!


Flexible and easy programming options can provide the best water coverage for lawn and beds.

Graduating the convenience our smart systems can be integrated with almost all home management systems like Alexa, Echo or Nest and many more.


We undertake installation in Greater London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire. And finally you can get our great aftercare service there as well. Visit our FB page for our latest jobs.

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